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SMA Fiber Coupler Ready Lasers

SMA Fiber Coupler (Fiber Collimator)

  • $250.00

These Fiber Couplers are designed to connect onto the end of a SMA905 connector and contain an AR-coated aspheric lens. The distance between the aspheric lens and the tip of the SMA-terminated fiber can be adjusted to compensate for focal length changes or to re-collimate the beam at the wavelength and distance of interest. 

The SMA fiber coupler mounts directly to ReadyLasers' benchtop laser modules, which enables easy attachment of a fiber optic cable with a male SMA connector. The coupler uses optics to focus the laser beam down to a very small spot at the fiber aperture, allowing for optimal coupling efficiency to fibers with core diameters as small as 5 microns. The fiber cable can be easily attached and removed with minimal readjustment. 

The coupler can also function as a collimator at the fiber's output end. This allows for a laser beam to exit the fiber into free space with minimal divergence. In this case, divergence, diameter, and other beam characteristics will be different from the original input beam. Please email us if you have questions about the output from a fiber or collimator.

Key Features

  • Anti-reflective coated optics for maximum transmission efficiency.
  • User-adjustable alignment of coupling optics in 3 axes (x,y,z).
  • Threads directly onto the laser aperture, no tools required.
  • Can be purchased separately, or installed on a laser and aligned to a given fiber type.

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