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Shutter Kits / Modulator Kits

  • $2,750.00

These shutter systems are designed specifically to minimize vibration on your optical table. Unlike conventional solenoid based shutters, these contain a closed-loop DSP control system that precisely guides the shutter blade between open and closed positions, never encountering physical stops. Vibration and mechanical noise are kept to a minimum, leaving your optical table disturbance-free.

The shutter blade is mounted between sapphire jewel bearings that minimize friction and result in a head lifetime in excess of 10 M cycles — orders of magnitude more than is typically found in shutter heads.

The 3 mm clear aperture is designed for easy alignment and is large enough to be used with common light sources. Typical rise and fall times are under 500 µs, and repetition rates from DC to 100 Hz can be used. Unlike other shutters, this shutter is not duty cycle limited — you can run any duty cycle you choose. 

This Shutter comes with a controller and breadboard mounting hardware, and has 100 Hz maximum modulation frequency. 

The controller allows you to generate timing signals for the shutter head. You have complete control of the exposure time, which can be set between 4 ms and 10,000 s with 0.1 ms resolution. Pre- and post-exposure delays can also be configured. A bright green 8-digit LED display shows the current parameter in seconds or hertz, and timing is accurate to 100 ppm.

Unlike conventional designs, this Shutter Head can be mounted on your optical table in any orientation. This gives you complete flexibility to route the mating cable out of the way of your experiment.

The 3 mm aperture is positioned very close to the chassis edge, making this shutter head ideal for chopping one of two parallel beams separated by less than a centimeter. It also allows you to operate your lasers very close to the plane of your optical table top.

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