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MGL-III-589 Yellow DPSS Laser

  • $4,963.00

The MGL-III-589 Series of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers with TEM00 beam profile are built for applications requiring >50 mW of 589 nm laser light with a long operating lifetime and high stability. 

These lasers are commonly used for Optogenetics, fluorescence excitation, microscopy, flow cytometry, biotechnology and a broad spectrum of other applications. Customers may choose between a PSU-III-FDA, PSU-III-LED or Optogenetics Tuned PSU-III-LED power supply1.

Available with TTL and Analog modulation, and in a wide array of output power and stability levels, these lasers are ideal for your research. 

Customers working in Optogenetics will find this laser compatible with the following plasmids: ReaChR, Halo/NpHR, Chrimson, C1V1, Arch/aR-3 and ArchT

1- An Optogenetics Tuned  PSU-III-LED power supply is tuned to provide near square-wave performance at <200 Hz

* Other output power and low noise options available upon request.

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