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Implantanable Fiber Optic Cannula Ready Lasers

Implantanable Fiber Optic Cannula (Package of 5)

  • $280.00

Implantable Fiber Optic Cannulae are perfect for use with our line of Optogenetics Lasers.  These cannulae have Ø1.25 mm or 2.5 mm ferrules with Ø200 μm, core multimode fiber and are available with a fiber length of 5, 10, or 20 mm. The cannulae can be surgically implanted using stereotactic guidance, and the ceramic ferrule ensures a completely non-magnetic cannula and mating sleeve when used with a patch cable with a ceramic ferrule.

Product Features

  • Ø2.5 mm Ceramic Ferrule for Non-Magnetic Fiber Optic Implants
  • Various fiber lengths (5 to 20 mm) for different applications
  • Lightweight design

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