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Q-Switched Lasers


We offer a full line of Q-switched lasers. The laser head comes with cooling and precise temperature control system, and power supply comes with overcurrent and overheating protection function.  

These lasers offer narrow pulse width, high peak power, high stability, easy operation, reliable performance and a long service life.

Air- Cooled Q-Switch Laser             Water Cooled Q-Switch Laser             High Powered Q-Switch Laser


  •       Single pulse energy: 1 μJ~20 J
  •       Repetition rate: 1 Hz~200 kHz
  •       Pulse width: 0.8 ns~200 ns
  •       Operating mode: Activity, passively
  •       Refrigeration method: Air cooled, water cooled, conduction cooled
  •       Variable controls and outputs
  •       modularity, compact design, stable and reliable
  •       Beam shaping and customized product available

  •       Laser marking, punching, etching
  •       Laser welding, cutting, heat treatment
  •       Laser cleaning, rapid prototyping
  •       Laser trimming, balancing
  •       Laser storage
  •       Laser medical treatment, cosmetology
  •       Scientific research and teaching
  •       Military field

Click on the wavelengths below to view or print a spec sheet.  Please contact us for spec sheets on additional configurations or power ranges not included on these spec sheets.

Wavelengths available from ultraviolet to infrared:

261nm    266nm     349nm    351nm     355nm     457nm    473nm     523.5nm     526.5nm     532nm      556nm     589nm    656.5nm     660nm
671nm    786nm     905nm    914nm    946nm     1030nm     1047nm     1053nm     1064nm     1313nm    1319nm   1342nm  1573nm     3800nm