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MGL-III-532 Green DPSS Laser

  • $1,278.00

The MGL-III-532 Series of Diode-Pumped Solid-State (DPSS) Lasers with TEM00 beam profile are built for applications requiring >100 mW to >300 mW of 532 nm laser light with a long operating lifetime and high stability. This laser is an 'F' style base size.

These lasers are commonly used for Optogenetics, fluorescence excitation, PIV, raman spectroscopy, microscopy, flow cytometry, thermal response, material sciences, machine vision, laser display and a broad spectrum of other applications. Customers may choose between a PSU-III-FDA, PSU-III-LED or Optogenetics Tuned PSU-III-LED power supply1.

Available with TTL and Analog modulation, and in a wide array of output power and stability levels, these lasers are ideal for your research. 

Customers working in Optogenetics will find this laser compatible with the following plasmids: VChR1, Mac, Chrimson, ChRGR and C1V1

1- An Optogenetics Tuned  PSU-III-LED power supply is tuned to provide near square-wave performance at <200 Hz

* Other output power and low noise options available upon request.

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