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Multi Wavelength Lasers

With our multi-wavelength laser combiner systems, 2~4 wavelengths can be combined in one box. USB or RS232 connector is optional. Wavelengths are available for UV-Visible-IR range, and can include a combination of diode and DPSS lasers.

Multi-wavelength lasers are widely used for medical, biomedical, and industrial application, etc.

Click on the wavelength combinations below to view or print a spec sheet.  Please contact us for spec sheets on additional configurations or power ranges not included on these spec sheets.

Two wavelengths:              
405nm/ 561nm    473nm/ 593.5nm
405nm/ 589nm    635nm/ 532nm
405nm/ 593.5nm    655nm/ 532nm   
473nm/ 589nm

Three wavelengths:
405nm/ 473nm/ 532nm    640nm/ 532nm/ 405nm
635nm/ 532nm/ 473nm    655nm/ 532nm/ 473nm
637nm/ 532nm/ 447nm    671nm/ 532nm/ 473nm

Four wavelengths:               
405/ 447nm/ 532nm/ 637nm          
405/ 488nm/ 532nm/ 637nm