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Sunshine Spectrometer - High Sensitivity Ready Lasers

Spectrometer - High Sensitivity

  • $3,850.00

The Sunshine model is a highly sensitive spectrometer designed for use in applications where extremely precise analysis / measurement is necessary, and low light conditions are expected. Sunshine offers 80% quantum efficiency, high dynamic range, good signal-to-noise ratio and low-noise electronics.

The Sunshine spectrometer is perfect for use in Laser spectral analysis, Fluorescence spectral analysis, Raman spectral analysis, LIBS spectral analysis, absorbance measurement, reflectivity/transmittance measurement, chemical or biological research, environmental sciences, textile industry applications, biomedical detection, film thickness measurement and prohibited substance detection.

Product Features:

  • Quantum efficiency is up to 80%
  • Convenient operation and easy of use
  • Customized wavelength range and resolution (200 - 1100nm), 2048 pixels
  • Supports the download for Spectral Analysis 5.0
  • Dimensions (mm): 149*109*50
  • Weight (g): 1000
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: 10000:1
  • Optical resolution: 0.035-0.6nm

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