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Incident Statistics Show Growing Need for Proper Training

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While most people are aware of the dangers associated with misuse of laser-pointers, little is known about the extent to which lasers are found in everyday work environments. A worker may be exposed to lasers while scanning a bar code, performing a procedure in a medical or veterinary practice, monitoring a machine cutting through metals, ceramics, plastics, or multiple thicknesses of cloth, leveling a beam in a construction project, setting up an entertainment show or while conducting research. Of the reported laser accidents, 75% of personnel were accidentally exposed due to improper training and lack of controls. (

Exposure to high-powered lasers may result in irreversible eye and skin damage unless safety measures are in place. A good laser-safety program backed by solid training is key to protecting your staff from accidental exposures.

A designated laser safety officer (LSO) is mandated for any workplace that utilizes hazardous lasers. One significant role of the LSO is to be an educational resource. An LSO can recognize critical laser hazards and develop operating and control strategies to protect employees.

One of our Safety partners, KRMC Inc., provides a unique Laser Safety Officer Training course with a Canadian context to meet provincial and federal requirements using ANSI standards and the updated ANSI Z136.1 (2014) Safe Use of Lasers. The course provides detailed training on how to implement and administrate a laser safety program within your organization, as well as examples of hazard calculations that may be required by the LSO on a regular basis.


KRMC Inc.’s President, Liz Krivonosov says- “We believe in providing high quality Canadian content training for Laser Safety Officers. Our goal is to provide the LSO with information that is organized in a way that will be useful every day for safety administration. We’ve successfully trained personnel from both private organizations as well as provincial government bodies.”

Additional Resources:

A link to KRMC’s course may be found at: KRMC LSO Training Course.Next scheduled training: Apr 07-09, 2015.

Details of ANSI Z136 standards may be found at: LIA ANSI Z136

ILSC Conference website: Laser Safety Conference

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